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Highlighter Pencil

Highlighter Pencil

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  • Whether you need a quick fix for problem areas or simply want to accentuate your features, our creamy smooth highlighter pencil makes eyes appear brighter; lips look fuller and reflect the light to brighten the complexion while reducing the appearance of deep creases or wrinkles.

    • Highlighting and brightening pencil for brows, lips, eyes and face.
    • Use to soften the imperfections and appearance of fine lines.
    • Generously Sized Thick Pencil
    • Neutral tone is great on most skin tones from fair to medium-tan
    • Precision applicator deposits highlights just where desired
    • Creamy smooth formula blends easily into natural skin tone
    • Can also be used as a base for long-lasting eye makeup application when applied over entire lid
    • Highlighter pencil can be used for many different effects.
    • To soften face creases or wrinkles, draw directly inside of the deepest area of the crease and blend the color outwards using a foundation or concealer brush until pigment is completely blending into the face or foundation.
    • To enhance features such as the eyes or eyebrows, draw in the inner corner of the eye and blend, for brows- first fill in brow with pigment, then draw directly below the arch and blend, this will accent the shape of the arch giving a more groomed appearance.
    • For fuller lips, apply just above the upper lip line and blend with Lola’s Crème Colour Brush.
    • Pencil can also be used as an eye shadow base by coloring over the eyelid before shadow and blending it with a foundation brush. This will brighten the eyelid and give you the true pigment of the eye shadow.

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